CSR = Corporate Social Responsibility

As established experts in corporate team building, we’re thrilled to see that the latest hot trend, Corporate Social Responsibility, is more than a passing fad. No doubt about it, CSR is here to stay.  Our specialty is making it fun.

Dig a little deeper into our site, and you’ll see why such a wide range of companies and government agencies have turned to Team Bonding for literally thousands of successful events over our 20 year history.  Charities that have benefited include Habitat for Humanity, DC Central Kitchen, Big Brothers, Big Sisters, Boys and Girls Clubs of America and more.

Giving back to your community in a meaningful way can be profoundly rewarding.  Working side by side on a mission of kindness inspires employees like nothing else.  It cultivates a sense of camaraderie and teamwork that continues paying dividends long after everyone settles back in at the office.

Our events titles tend to be self-explanatory.  Please take a moment or two and explore.   Bikes, Teddy Bears, Art, Military Care, Habitat and even Help for Haiti – we pretty much cover it all, wherever your group happens to be.

Contact us today, and let us help plan the perfect CSR project!