Wheelchairs in Motion

Adding a spin to the classic “Charity Bike Build” we present to you “Wheelchairs in Motion” charitable team building activity!  This worthwhile event will require your group to complete tasks in teams to obtain the parts and materials necessary to assemble, test and decorate wheelchairs for donation.

Many of our programs including Wheelchairs in Motion come as a request to us from a client.  Creating and facilitating a program like this benefits our client, their employees and the disabled recipients of the wheelchairs.  In this lively charity team building event, your group will work together in teams to complete a series of challenges that will ultimately result in the assembly, testing, and decorations of wheelchairs for donation

The goal of Wheelchairs in Motion is not only to build relationships with your team, but to also build wheelchairs suitable for deserving, disabled Americans who are unable to afford the proper mobility assistance. Tools such as organization, delegation, collaboration – and some light mechanical skills are required for this challenge.  This program is a perfect ally for a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) boost. Our Wheelchairs in Motion will touch your team’s heart as it marks an inspiring day that all will remember.



30-300 People


2-3 Hours


Minimum 2,000 sq. ft. space, indoors or outside.  We recommend 20 sq ft per person for this program.



“The Microsoft teams had a great time with the experience of song writing and learning about how harmoniously they could work together. It was amazing to watch the groups create similar themed songs in such different unique ways and with differing song styles. Thank you so much! You made the whole planning process very seamless and provided an incredible once in a lifetime experience for the Microsoft SLGE Team!”

-- Microsoft SLGE Division

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