Charity Mini Golf Course

Charity Miniature Golf Course Build

Whether or not you’re at home on the fairway, this is a great team building  event that lets everyone get involved in a meaningful way. Your group is divided into teams, each of which will be responsible for designing and building several golf holes.

The idea here is to make each hole fun, challenging and conceptual – in many ways the overall approach is closer to miniature golf. We provide a rich assortment of tubes, pipes, boxes, lumber and other whimsical building supplies to put success within everybody’s reach. In the charity version we include cases of canned and dry good to be donated to a food shelter after the tournament. Once the final course has been constructed, teams select representatives to actually play the course. Other team members serve as official scorers and course marshals. Throughout the program, your Teambonding Master of Ceremonies and event staff keep everything moving smoothly, with sound and music adding yet another dimension.

The beauty of this program is that the entire course, as well as individual holes, can be customized to dovetail with your meeting/convention theme, company product line, etc. Customization also provides a nice opportunity to segue into a training session or group discussion.

New! Tin Can Build Your Own Mini-Golf uses canned good and food items in the building of the holes and after the event, the food and the carpet are donated to a local food shelter or charity.


  • Exploration of team decision-making, collaboration and resource-sharing
  • Creative use of inadequate resources
  • Fun, networking, and creativity
  • Discover the team’s ability to innovate
  • New Charitable version offers a philanthropic event
  • Teams design, build and play their own uniquely challenging golf course!
Ideal Usage
  • Conference/meeting breaks
  • Project start-up, conclusion or mid-project motivation
  • Award trips, annual meetings, retreats and celebrations
Group Size
  • 24 – 300 (divided into teams of 6 to 8)
  • 2 hours

Minimum 2,000 sq. ft. space, indoors or outside