Canned Good

This event is all about caring and feeding – for both your business and your community. With this powerful learning opportunity you will engage your team in expressing those ideas for business improvement and innovation.

Teams will be broken into enterprise groups to share and dialogue about ideas that could improve business effectiveness and efficiency. These ideas will then be expressed in an iconic form using canned and boxed food. The “canstructions” will be built on the meeting room tables and when everyone has completed their design the competition begins. Teams will then present their ideas to the judge’s panel for critique. Through this “gallery showing” of the “canstructions” the company receives ample valuable input for business improvement.

Once the competition is complete and the cash prizes and bragging rights are presented to the enterprise teams the “canstructions” are packed up and presented to a member of a local food bank, along with the cash prizes to purchase perishable food items for community members.

This event will not only nourish your business with new ideas, and community members with food, but also your team with the spirit of giving.

Ideal Usage
  • Energize business innovation
  • Inspire the spirit of giving
  • Media opportunities for corporate social responsibility
  • Engage the mind and hands in creative problem solving

2 to 3 hours


A meeting room with a round table for each team.

We request a space consisting of a minimum of 20 square feet per participant.


Beyond letting the ‘mountain speak for itself’ as it relates to the impact of corporate giving this event will generate discussion and action planning for ideas related to improved business practices.

Our team of experienced Facilitators will lead your team through the processing of top business ideas with a directed output.

That result will be realized in the form of an action strategy for the best ideas presented. From there management will then be able to take appropriate actions to bring the innovations to life. With the right ideas this event will pay for itself over and over.

Minimum/Maximum Group Size

This event is best served to groups of 20 to 200. For larger groups contact our agents and we will work out the details to serve up a great event that meets your needs!

Upgradeable Options

Take the event to a new level and add in some of our hilarious judges to turn the presentations of the ‘canstructions’ into a show unto itself.

We also offer customized can options. We will make great take aways for your team with their picture on an individualized label or offer up labeled cans for prizes or other meeting take aways.

Invest in the design of a customized theme and impact a service group that is near and dear to your company. We will adjust the supplies to meet the resource needs of your local group. Ideas that work include: the local animal shelter (pet food), community hospital (medical supplies), schools and daycares (stationery supplies), and much more.


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