Go GREEN Racing

The environment and global warming have become much-publicized topics over the last several years. Given this increased focus, TeamBonding has raced to create an activity that showcases the importance of recycling and energy conservation.

READY…SET…GOOOOOO GREEN!!! Within the two-hour activity, teams will be tasked with creating solar cars from kits provided, and also building cars from materials used and thrown away everyday by millions of Americans. The solar cars will be put to the test and judged for performance, while the recycled cars will be built for speed! The event concludes with a round robin drag race tournament to determine which car is the fastest! Teams are racing against the clock to complete both cars and take home the checkered flag. The real winning team, however, is unveiled after the competition.

TeamBonding partners with local schools to donate both the solar cars created during the event, as well as new solar car kits and a solar classroom curriculum to area students. These cars and new car kits will be used by the schools to further emphasize the importance of energy conservation and alternative methods of transportation as well as foster creativity and innovation within the classroom.

  • Challenging, interactive, entertaining and FUN ice-breaker and main event for all ages and physical abilities!
  • Donation to local school or other education-focused beneficiary.
  • Press release describing event provided for immediate release!
  • Increased team interaction
  • Productive, energized environment
  • Improved team performance
  • Greater respect and understanding of the environment, ethical values, people and communities
  • Increased awareness of potential uses of alternative energy
Ideal Usage
  • Conference/Meeting breaks
  • Project start-up, conclusion or mid-project motivation
  • Award trips, annual meetings, retreats & celebrations
  • Team building programs
Group Size
  • Minimum: 18 participants
  • 2 hours
  • Indoors (ballroom, conference room) or outdoors (outdoor area w/ good sunlight is preferable but not required)



“People loved the building and racing, and especially the community giving aspect of the Go Green Racing program. I also want to reiterate what a great job we feel your company did for us from start to finish.”

-- Janet, Fidelity Investments

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