Habitat for Humanity

This two-hour TeamBonding activity enables participants to support the work of Habitat for Humanity who helps provide new homes for low-income families across the nation.

Many corporate teams have taken part in the moving experience of assisting in the construction of a Habitat home. Unfortunately, not all teams have time during busy meeting agendas to devote toward this unmatched event. TeamBonding offers this team building program that allows corporate teams to give back to Habitat for Humanity and its new home beneficiaries for groups that do not have a full day to donate to Habitat to build a home. The task-oriented activity calls on teams to use financial management, time management, and skills analysis to complete their tasks and earn the most money, while simultaneously designing and constructing home décor items for new Habitat homeowners that will soon move into homes they have worked hard to earn. These gifts will be the first housewarming gifts families will receive, and will go a long way toward making a beneficiary’s new house into a home.

NOTE: this activity can serve to benefit Habitat for Humanity homeowners wherever your meeting/event takes place, or you can choose a different area to donate the housewarming gifts where Habitat has affiliates. Please contact TeamBonding for further information on your donation options.

Teams of approximately 8-10 participants arrive at their tables to find a picture, last name, and short bio of a family that will benefit from a Habitat home in the coming year. All items constructed by the teams are for those specific families. Following an icebreaker and a brief awareness builder on Habitat for Humanity, the activity begins!

Each team starts with $100. Using these funds, teams purchase kits for construction. Each “kit” consists of the materials needed to construct/assemble one of the four items for their beneficiary family. Items include a photo board kit, a welcome sign kit, a “1st batch of cookies” kit, and a mail and key organizer kit. Teams do not have enough funds to purchase all items at the inception of the activity. However, teams can “resell” their completed items for a profit upon completion. Teams are also tasked to make the most creative gifts as possible. Following the completion of all the items, creativity dollars are awarded to teams, in addition to the money they have already earned from selling them for profit. The team that has the most funds in their account at the end of the activity wins!

Teams have a brief strategy session to begin the activity. At this time, decisions are made regarding who should work on which task, which items should be purchased first, etc. This is vital to the completion of all tasks on time and most efficiently!

Following the construction of all the items for the beneficiary families, funds are tallied and the winning team is announced with great fanfare. Then, a representative from the real winning team (Habitat for Humanity) will thank activity participants for their meaningful contribution (based on availability). TeamBonding suggests not awarding gifts to winning teams, to emphasize the “gift of giving” over winning something of value.

  • Enhanced team interaction
  • Productive, energized environment
  • Improved team performance
  • Respect and understanding of ethical values, people and communities
  • Support the work of Habitat for Humanity which provides new homes for low-income families across the nation.
Ideal Usage
  • Conference/meeting breaks
  • Project start-up, conclusion or mid-project motivation
  • Theme: Building on Success
  • Award trips, annual meetings, retreats and celebrations
  • Team building
Group Size
  • 20 – 300
  • 2 hours

Ballroom, conference room or outdoors (weather permitting)



“Many of our homeowners lost everything they own during the hurricanes and are still living in substandard housing as they partner with us to build a new home. A personalized gift such as you are providing will be something our homeowners will cherish. It will remind them of the outpouring of support and concern from people all over the country as we rebuild our communities and our lives.”

-- M.C., Habitat for Humanity St. Tammany West

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