While mental health conditions affect 1 in 4 people worldwide, its impact extends to everyone directly or indirectly through family, friends or coworkers. With the continued and jarring impact of COVID-19, raising awareness and mobilizing efforts for greater mental health resources is even more critical going into a new year. The Mindfulness Kit contains everything you need to provide families with a variety of tools for emotional development and well-being that will help them learn how to focus, self-regulate, and build confidence.

Each volunteer will receive 2 kits. One is for them and their family. They will be guided in how to use the items together during the session. They will then lovingly put the second kit together and include a note to the family that will receive it as it will be posted back to the charity to be donated to a family in need.

Calmer Choice: Mindfulness Kit Assembly

In partnership with Calmer Choice, volunteers will receive supplies to their requested address to craft a mindfulness & stress relief kit. This event is a stress reliever for not only the end recipient but the volunteer as well.